Academic Programs in African Studies

Columbia University students can pursue African studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The IAS offers an undergraduate major and concentration and a graduate certificate in African Studies. It also administers the African specialization at the School of International and Public Affairs. Please refer to the appropriate Course Bulletins for additional information.

African Language Program

The African Language Program includes training in Wolof, Pulaar, Swahili, and Arabic at Columbia, and Zulu and Yoruba through the Shared Course Initiative with Cornell and Yale universities. MORE >

African Specialization at SIPA

The African specialization at SIPA offers students specialized knowledge of Africa and its main political, social, cultural and economic issues. MORE >

African Studies Major

The African Studies major is no longer administered by the Institute of African Studies. As of fall 2013, the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies (MESAAS) is administering the African Studies major. MORE >

Graduate Certificate in African Studies

The certificate is open to students enrolled in any advanced degree program at Columbia. MORE >