African Specialization at SIPA

African Specialization SIPA

The specialization in African Studies as part of the Master of International Affairs and Master of Public Administration degree programs at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). It indicates that a student has received training in the political, social, cultural and economic issues that impact African countries and societies. The specialization requires nine credits (three courses) of Africa-focused courses. View the course list for classes that meet the specialization requirement. There is no language requirement for the specialization.


1) Economic developments in Africa (e.g. INAF 6163 Political Economy of African Development).

2) One course from the Social Sciences, Humanities or Public Health.

3) A second course from the Social Sciences, Humanities or Public Health.  

Only courses with 50% or higher Africa content are accepted for credit. If a course has at least 25% Africa content, you can present the course to Jinny Prais ([email protected]) for consideration. We do authorize some courses if the content on Africa is robust and the student completes a final project that focuses on Africa. These courses must be pre-approved. 

Fall 2022 courses that count toward the Africa Specialization: 

Social Movements & Citizenship in Africa (REGN U6410)

Global Immersion: Africa’s Consumer Market – The Case of Ghana (B8779)

Historiography of Africa (GR8761)

Modern State/Colonial Subject (GR6406)


*SIPA courses with Africa content (pre-approval required):

Comparative Development: East Asia, Other Regions and Lessons of Success (INAF
Impact Measurement and Evaluation for Sustainable Development (INAF U6889)
Peace-building After Mass Violence (INAF U6549)
Infrastructure Investment and Development (INAF U6051)

For more information, please contact: Dr. Jinny Prais, [email protected]