Graduate Courses

Columbia University Grad-Level Africa Classes


  • Social Movements & Citizenship in Africa (REGN U6410)
  • Comparative Development: East Asia, Other Regions and Lessons of Success (INAF U8246)
  • Impact Measurement and Evaluation for Sustainable Development (INAF U6889)
  • Peacebuilding After Mass Violence (INAF U6549)
  • Infrastructure Investment and Development (INAF U6051)


  • Historiography of Africa (GR8761)
  • African France, French Africa (GU4779)
  • Colloquium in Atlantic History (GR8176)

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies:

  • War, Genocide, and Aftermath Comparative Perspective (GU4357)

Art History:

  • Black Mediterranean: 1000 Years of Artistic Interaction in the Mediterranean Basin (GU4522)


  • Modern State/Colonial Subject (GR6406)

Africana Studies:

  • Afro-Latin America in the Artistic Imagination (GU4001)

Political Science:

  • Contemporary African Politics (GU4496)


  • Questions in Africa Literature (GU4800)


  • Global Immersion: Africa’s Consumer Market – The Case of Ghana (B8779)

Comparative Literature:

  • The Maghreb in Transition: Society & Culture in North Africa Since 1990 (GU4321)