Opportunity for undergraduate students with the Global Thought Experience

The Committee on Global Thought has an open position for an undergraduate student interested in participating in the 2021-2022 Global Thought Experience (GTE). Participating organization African Services Committee is currently recruiting a Spanish speaker for the position of Hotline and Administrative Volunteer. The successful applicant will join the current 2021-2022 GTE Cohort. Program participants are required to complete 3-6 hours/week of service at their assigned organization.

The application deadline is Friday, November 12th at 12 PM ET. Interested candidates can learn more about the open position and apply here: https://cgt.columbia.edu/academics/undergraduate/gte/opportunities/

Manage requests for legal assistance
Return client calls
Screen potential clients for immigration eligibility
Assist staff with translations and legal research
Other administrative tasks as assigned

Currently enrolled in or recently graduated from a bachelor’s or master’s program in International Relations, Social Sciences, or related Global fields
Cultural awareness of and sensitivity to vulnerable immigrant populations
Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a multicultural environment
Strong organizational and communication skills with high attention to detail
Fluent or highly conversational in Spanish
Must be able to converse expertly with native speakers about a variety of sensitive and detailed topics.

Learning Objectives:
Intern will learn about the African Services Committee as well as various social services available to immigrant populations in New York.
The intern will deepen understanding of immigration law, policy, and practice in the United States.
Intern will develop problem solving skills, client service skills, and intercultural social work skills.
Intern will learn how to manage client affairs within established deadlines, to provide the best service possible.